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The following data refers to the specifications for the Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro (LPPR), one of the world sites where Omni Handling operates:

Latitude: 41º 14' 08" N
Longitude: 008º 40' 41" W
Altitude: 69 m (228 ft)
Runway: 17-35 (3480 x 45m)
Hard Surface: 11417 X 148 feet
ILS: Cat II ; Cat IIIA ; Cat IIIB

- Located in the heart of the industrial north of Portugal
- 11 Km from the city centre

- Close connection to  high ways
- Privileged access point to valuable commercial area
- New Terminal with wide selection of services including rent a car, cafeterias and shops
- Business Aviation facilities with dedicated embark and disembark channel and private parking
- Intercontinental connections
- Distinguished by ACI third better European Airport and third better in World, in 5 Million Passengers Category.